Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Twister

I love toys!
And not necessarily the toys everyone is waiting in line for these days. I am talking about quilters' toys - those items that excite us and make us want to bust out our stash and PLAY!
One of my wonderful customers told me about the Little Twister (and there is a Big Twister). It's a template that you use with sewn-together charm squares to create a pinwheel pattern.
I pieced a Moda charm pack of marble brights together in a pleasing pattern then added a 3" border.
Using the Little Twister, I cut out the template pattern at intersections and pieced it back together.
This is the result!  How fun is this?  I enjoy the piecing - it's like a puzzle, which I have always enjoyed as well.  My next toy to show you?  A template I bought at the World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach to make simple prairie points!

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