Monday, August 15, 2011

Let the Construction Begin!

So, my crafty quilting peeps, if you are interested in watching a boring old office become a happy little quilting and sewing shop, look no further.  I will be photographing the process  along the way.

The staff is out.  The used furniture dealer came today to haul away the old pieces.  This is what it looked like at 9:30 this morning.

My husband says this build in has to stay.  So his former office will be cut in half to make a little office and room for a long arm!

The future class room (will be wider when we move the wall!)

Say goodbye to some of these walls!  This bright corner will make a nice sitting space out side of the classroom, don't your think?

More photos tomorrow when the walls come tumbling down (singing John Cougar Mellencamp in my head :) )

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  1. This is so exciting. Thanks for taking the time for us to be with you. Blessings, Janet