Friday, April 29, 2011

Crafty Quilters! Friday Girls Show and Tell

Sit and Sew Fridays at Three Crafty Quilters has become a wonderful group gathering of talented and fun local quilters.  The ladies are so warm, fun and talented.  Last Friday we had to bid a temporary farewell to some of our seasonal gals whom we will miss very much over the summer.  We snapped a few photos (again with the iphone, so pardon the poor quality) of the some of the super creative projects.

Carol created her own owls and birds for this adorable quilt!  Each owl and bird is created from modern, colorful fabrics.  So cute!  When not quilting for herself and her loved ones, she volunteers teaching sewing and quilting to women in a court mandated rehabilitation program, giving them skills, hobbies and a large sense of pride and accomplishment.  (they gladly accept donations of supplies and machines).

Colette is the gal responsible for getting me into quilting, as she used to create quilts for our children's school fundraiser and her handiwork intrigued me.  For a challenge, she created these clever quilted blocks based on a children's puzzle.  Each side is different!

Isn't this gorgeous?! - such a creative group!
Come and sit and sew, be inspired, have a great time with a wonderful group of quilters.
Every Friday from 10-5 (or whenever you can join us during that time).  

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